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Hi, my name is Leif Haven Martinson. Sometimes I publish work under my first two names. Sometimes I publish using first and last names. Sometimes I use all three. 


I'm a writer based in Oakland, California, but the upper midwest will always be home. I'm proud to work in many genres: I've won awards with  my poetry, but I make money with copy, branding, and content strategy. I don't think they're so much different, and I'm excited to bring the merciless editorial vision of a poet to everything from grants to brand concepts. 


Hi, my name is Leif. I'm based in Oakland, California. I'm a midwestern transplant, a philosophy and literature nerd, a modest programmer, a technologist and futurist, and a writer and thinker. Right now I'm working with to develop the next generation of conversational interfaces and assistants and Field Day Lab to create apps and games to help researchers and academics reach a bigger audience. Get in touch if you want to talk. I'm always open to a conversation.




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