Hi, my name is Leif Haven Martinson. Sometimes I publish work under my first two names. Sometimes I publish using first and last names. Sometimes I use all three. 


I'm a writer based in Oakland, California, but the upper midwest will always be home. I'm proud to work in many genres: I've won awards with  my poetry, but I make money with copy, branding, and content strategy. I don't think they're so much different, and I'm excited to bring the merciless editorial vision of a poet to everything from grants to brand concepts. 


As you've probably figured out I'm a writer and designer based in the Bay Area. My current role is Lead Designer on the Creative Services team at Botanic Technologies where I work on bots, voice assistants, and digital avatars. I also publish literature and occasionally journalism. Poke around and take a look at my work and get in touch if you'd like to chat. I'm always interested in people and what they're doing. 




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