The Identity of Self at IDEO

Part of Reimagine End of Life

April 17, 2018

How might our loved ones experience our digital ephemera after we die?
The Identity of Self will bring together a community of likeminded artists, designers, and technologists to explore how the internet, machine learning, and immersive media might change how we plan for and experience death.

Living Writer Series

At UC Santa Cruz

April 26, 2017

This spring quarter will feature eight contemporary writers who explore the knotted spaces and generative possibilities of entangled lives. Their works illuminate the historical enmeshment of cruel futures and hidden histories, persons and things, race and freedom, kinship and loss, and the human and non-human natural world.

MediaX Creating AI Conversations Panel Series at Stanford University

Stanford, California, January, 2018

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) personalities are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. In addition to our personal assistants, industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and law are using AI to varying degrees. As conversational AI becomes integrated in our society, we need to give serious thought to mindfully creating these personalities and conversations. These are personalities that are not only going to be keeping us company and helping to make our daily lives easier, but coaching us into changing our behavior, helping us navigate the world, and teaching our children. 


University of Colorado Boulder English Department Commencement Address

Boulder, Colorado, May, 2017

AWP Offsite Reading at The Poetic Research Bureau with 1913, Insert Blanc, and Les Figues

Los Angeles, California, April, 2016

AWP Offsite Reading at The Drain with Caketrain, Solar Luxuriance, and 

Los Angeles, California, April, 2016

Solar Luxuriance Release Reading at Omni Commons

Oakland, California, April, 2016

Writing Against the Void, Reading at Alleycat Books

San Francisco, California, February, 2014

The Dollhouse Reading Series #25: BIDDINGER, RZICZNEK, CLAY, HAVEN

Chicago, Illinois, July 2013

AWP 2014 Off-Site Reading: Spooky Solar Birds  at Left Bank Books Colllective

Seattle, Washington, February 2014