From 2012 to 2015 I ran a small poetry press called Persistent Editions. The idea was born out of the desire to make literary artifacts that would last a little longer than the online journals in vogue at the time. I originally wanted to carve poetry into wood or stone, cast poetry out of bronze or concrete, or create earthworks that would have the potential to outlast humanity itself.

Unfortunately, the press itself didn't persist. I did have the opportunity to publish four wonderful chapbooks by remarkable poets during that time. They included Hosni Mubarak by Jared Joseph, a reflection in prose poetry on the Arab Spring and the Egyptian Revolution, Yr Lad, Bob by Sara Pack, a collection of haunting excerpts from Robert Creeley's correspondences paired with the author's own notes, Speckled Flowers, a long poem by Sara June Woods that's part of her book Sara or the Existence of Fire, and finally Latronic Strag, a found work of strange wonder by Sara Deniz Akant.

I am indeed aware that three out of these four authors are named Sara.