Skype Career Assisant



Skype worked with Botanic to build a proof of concept conversational interface that would include both chatbot, voice, and interactive 3D avatar. The goal of this project was to create an interview coach to assist job seekers prepare for an interview on Skype or other video interface. This multi-modal bot would leverage Skype's media cards and video calling functionality to provide a rich, multimedia experience for the user, that would provide both coaching and practice, with feedback based on both visual and lexical sentiment analysis.  


As Lead Designer at Botanic it is my role to design the character, develop the conversation flow, and create content guidelines, guarantee that all content is in character and provides an optimal user experience. My responsibilities include UX writing, content writing, content strategy, character development, and UX design. I work closely with the UX design team to guarantee an intuitive user experience based on both user research and best practices and the engineering team to guarantee that the design is implemented appropriately.


Our team worked in Agile sprints to execute research, design, implementation, and testing phases of this project. User research provided insights and design recommendations that shaped the design phase. I own deliverables including character pitches, style guides, and sample content, which were presented to the client for approval. After the selection of the character, I provided a creative brief for the 3D animator, who developed a rig and model, and I began content development and conversation design.


Following client approval of content and conversation design deliverables, the engineering team created the bot, and our team dedicated itself to internal testing. During this stage I iterated on the content and refined the flow to improve the user experience. After internal testing for bugs, typos, and user experience, we conducted usability testing on the target demographic. Using insights from usability testing we further iterate on the content before a final code freeze before presentation at the Microsoft Build conference.


The Interview Coach debuted at Build and was demoed live. Our partners at Skype used it to display the capabilities of the Skype Bot Platform to encourage other developers to take advantage of features like video calling, media cards, and the integration of Microsoft Cognitive Services