Wirkn-Skype Career Assistant



Skype connected Botanic with Wirkn, a job search and hiring startup, to deploy a production version of a the proof of concept created for the 2017 Build Conference. The goal was to provide an innovative, automated hiring experience in order to simplify and accelerate the process for applicants, while  providing qualified candidates with less demand on hiring managers.


  • Design the dialogue and conversation for both chat and voice/video interface based on insights and recommendations from UX research.

  • Write content for both text and audio/video conversational interfaces.

  • Write text for UI.

  • Develop personality and character sketches for conversational interface.

  • Direct visual design of the avatar.

  • Work with UX designer on testing and usability.


During this project my team developed a content strategy for the career assistant based on recommendations from the UX team, input from clients, and internal feedback. We used an iterative process, working in stages, to reach a polished, final product.  I created a style guide, character and personality design documents, and sample content based on client requests and brand identity.

After approval of the design package, I directed the content team and created a creative brief to guide the development of the 3D avatar design and animation. I also created a script with direction for voice talent, as the first iteration of this bot would include some prerecorded video.

Finally, we implemented all features, the conversation flow, and content, and began the testing phase. At this point, we iterated on the content, squashed bugs in the code and UI, and refined the product to a public ready format.


The AI Career Assistant will soon be the first screening step in the hiring process for a large organization based in Canada. Planned development includes deployment of other, branded bots for other clients.